Don’t be blue! The many colours of Sapphire

When we hear ‘Sapphires’ we think big shiny blue gems, and maybe the Titanic and the infamous Heart of the Ocean, and maybe Leonardo di Caprio. But I digress! Sapphires have long been treasured for their deep blue colour and have often been complimented with the use of white diamonds, like the engagement ring William gave to Kate. So…what’s so special about that? We all know Sapphires are blue. Or are they?

Before coming to Baroque I never knew that Sapphires could be found in different colours. Sapphires which are found in countries like Sri Lanka, Africa, Australia and the USA to name a few, come in a variety of hues. Sapphires are part of a group called Corundum (like Rubies) and their colour range extends from blue to pink, yellow, green, purple and black.

So, when picking a ring or getting a bespoke commission consider using Sapphires- you don’t have to stop at a blue stone. Another plus is that Sapphires are considerably cheaper than Diamonds, and have an excellent durability and lustre, making them an excellent gemstone choice for many settings and designs.

Have a look below at some of the different Sapphire pieces we stock at our shop and soon to be online. We have a beautiful range of Sapphires in several colours and settings to inspire you on the possibilities!

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