Kasun London: The Modern take on Pearls

Baroque houses designers we believe have that extra something that could add to our collection of creations and collections, and to give our customers the chance to choose from a broad and unique range of pieces by UK designers. Kasun, a london-based brand is certainly one of them.

We’ve been pretty obsessed with pearls at the moment, round ones, baroque shaped, pearl drops…you get the gist!Kasun’s modern take on combining Swarovski element pearls and flora like features where right up our street! Kasun Ekanayake, Kasun’s Sri Lankan born Co-Founder and Creative Director has kindly answered a couple of questions for us about the collection, giving us a peak into his interesting background and the latest, anticipated collection on the horizon…

Check out their beautiful collection here and scroll down to the bottom to get an exclusive sneak peak into their newest collection GOD LOVES FANGS.


Tell us a little bit about your background.

I was born in Chilaw, Sri Lanka, and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand where I learnt my craft, before moving to the UK. I lived in Leeds and worked as Head Designer for a brand called Azendi. It’s in Leeds that I met Chad Smith, who became a good friend and my business partner. Chad is born and bred in England and has made his career in sales.  We both loved the idea of setting up our own label as it would give us the autonomy and freedom we ‘d always wanted, and creating an exciting jewellery brand felt like the obvious and right choice.

Had you always been in jewellery?

 I’ve worked as a jewellery designer ever since I left university in 2005. I was lucky enough to get an internship with a fine jewellery company in Auckland, before moving onto a jewellery designer role where I worked with NZ brands like Karen Walker Jewellery, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Meadowlark. I’ve been in the industry ever since.

What made you decide to get into jewellery?

I’m a designer at heart and, as a designer, jewellery offers such freedom. As humans we are one of the few creatures not to have interesting fur or lovely feathers to make us stand out. I think the jewellery and clothes we decide to put on ourselves portrays our unique personalities, so I see jewellery and clothes as our skin.  It’s an exciting concept to create designs we like for people so that they can express their own personalities.

Who has been the most inspirational to you in life?

In short, my family.

How did Kasun come to be? When was it founded? 

 Kasun London was founded by myself and a good friend of mine, Chad Smith. We were neighbours at the time. On one drunken night out in Leeds we got to talking about our plans and ideas for the future and decided that we would launch our own jewellery label.

We wanted to create a jewellery brand that was based around fun and quality, which we try to put into everything we do.  We’ve both been brought up to believe in the value of hard work and what that can bring, so it was important for us to create high quality jewellery with great design, and that doesn’t break the bank; affordable luxury.  

 What kind of jewellery is it? What makes it special?

Beautiful and quirky. Our designs are based around the people we know and the things in life that interest and inspire us. Our jewellery is intricately designed and we try to include elements you may not expect – our first collection ‘Endless Beginnings’ is based on something we created to help one of our good friends through a tough situation. Our latest collection is inspired by our surroundings in east London; it’s a modern, fresh take on contemporary urban accessories and jewellery.

 What kind of person would wear your jewellery?

Hopefully whoever’s reading this interview?! Anyone that is looking for something interesting to lighten up an outfit and likes to wear something that has been designed with meaning and quality in mind. 

 Any new collections we should be looking out for?

Definitely! We’re launching our new collection at the Treasure show at Somerset House in June this year – GOD LOVES FANGS. We are massively excited about showing it to everyone. I’ve included some images as a sneak preview (see attached). If you can come along we’d love to see you there.

Favourite place in the world?

Anywhere everyone is happy.

Recommended place to go in London?

London is an exciting place to be especially when you’re from New Zealand.  I think Londoners are blessed with access to great iconic live music avenues and great acts. Brixton Academy is one of my favourite places to go. Highly recommended. There’s loads of great places to eat and drink in East London too. 

Did you use any interesting design/manufacturing techniques?

What interests us is the story behind each piece, and the relationship people develop with jewellery. With each collection we develop we try to tell a story through elements you may not expect. Hopefully people would appreciate it as much as we do.


EXCLUSIVE: Sneak peak into newest collection GOD LOVES FANGS 



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