Personalising Jewellery: Birthstones

A recent bespoke commission of a beautiful ornamental crab we made got us thinking about birthstones. The crab was decorated with the gemstone of each of the customers family member- a beautiful way of personalising any piece and making it that little bit more special.

Here’s a Baroque guide to birthstones, read this and you’ll never go wrong for a birthday gift or for that personalised piece of jewellery that is entirely suited to you. Each stone is assigned to a specific month and has a specific meaning behind it.

January- Garnet

A beautiful deep red stone. This stone was thought to protect the wearer during their travels.

February- Amethyst

Amethyst is a purple stone that can come in various shades. Amethyst holds properties that strengthens love, gives you courage and is linked to royalty. A very regal stone!

March- Aquamarine

The Aquamarine like its name suggests is linked to water and the ocean. It comes in a crystal like light blue and many believe that the Aquamarine has healing as well as protective properties when embarking on seafaring voyages.

April- Diamond

For those who have birthdays in April have been given the most hardwearing stone, once believed to be made out of lightning. The diamond symbolises enduring love and come in a rainbow of colours. The diamond is the ultimate precious stone- lucky April babies!

May- Emerald

May babies belong to emeralds. The emerald was believed to have a calming effect for the wearer as well as healing properties over sickness and pain.  The emerald is also tied in with the Goddess Venus, some other ancient civilisations believed emeralds allowed the wearer to see into the future.

June- Pearl

June’s precious stone is not actually a stone, but an organic creation from oysters or clams that is heavily layered shell in varying colours. Treasured in all countries and can often fetch for a price of 100’s of thousands, the pearl represents power, longevity, and wealth. In some cultures a pearl is crushed up and swallowed to relieve tummy aches.

July- Ruby

Rubies can sometimes be harder to find than Diamonds. In some cultures people believe that the Ruby represents the ‘spark of life’ , in others the Ruby guides you away from evil thoughts and vices. Today the Ruby is treasured for its beautiful red to pink tones, it’s hardiness and its rarity.

August- Peridot

Leos are associated with the sun as are peridots. Peridots come in beautiful green hues and are a type of Olivine. Peridots give the wearer power from the sun and in some cultures Peridots are said to ward off evil- spirits and to keep the wearer safe.

September- Sapphire

Sapphires are the most popular blue gems, its name meaning blue in several languages. The sapphire is part of the Ruby family and are therefore hardwearing and a very popular choice in engagement rings, often teamed with diamonds. Sapphires represent the soul and its beautiful clarity: purity. Sapphires keep the wearer safe from evil harm and cloudy thoughts.

October- Opal

The Opal is the stone of October. A beautiful rainbow coloured stone that usually vary in colour and look. There are many varieties of Opals from around the world, namely Africa and Australia that give the stone its unique personality. Opals are very usually in the form of a cabochon, smoothed out and rounded. Opals are said to bring out the best in people- their attributes heightened.

November- Topaz

People born under Topaz have a large option of coloured stones to choose from. Some Topaz stones can also change colour induced by sunlight or heating.  Topaz brings strength to the mind and  helps with psychological ailments such as sleep deprivation and can apparently guard from Asthma.

December- Turquoise

December birthdays are tied in with Turquoise. Turquoises can come in different shades of blue to a green, and can contain brown/black veins. Turquoise like the many other stones are tied in with many different properties. They are said to help with eye problems, protect one during travel and were parts of heaven and earth.

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