The Benefits of Upcycled Gold

Recycling and sustainability is without a doubt, steadily gaining momentum and incorporating itself in our daily lives. We all know the green bin fairy comes to collect our wares once a week, so that’s our bit done…but what about jewellery? Before you screw your face up and think that being eco friendly means looking like an arts and crafts project, fear not! Take that haunting image of earrings made out of recycled Coke cans and toilet paper out of your head, and that voice of the orange spray tanned wheeler dealer touting Kash 4 Gold deals too. Baroque Jewellery wanted to raise a little awareness about reupcycling gold jewellery, its benefits and how you could use old pieces to be made into something original and designed by you.

Gold has been one of the most popular metals in jewellery making for centuries and is highly-valued by people and cultures all over the world. However there is a down-side, there always is isn’t there? Gold can be rather costly because of it’s ever rising market value and on a more ethical note: the extraction process of Gold has lead to environmental and ethical degradation. Gold mining has unfortunately lead to the destruction of land, toxic run off and unfair labour conditions.

The most logical answer to these problems is to reuse already available resources like that ring your Great Gran passed down to you. You love it, it has sentimental value, but you’re not sure looking like an extra from a period drama is your thing. In upcycling old pieces of Gold you are being especially kind to the environment by reducing toxic pollution, and saving yourself money, all the while keeping Great Gran happy and the orange Tout sad. Win!

If you have jewellery you don’t want to let go of but don’t necessary want to keep locked up in the draw, Baroque would love to hear from you and help turn an old piece into something unique and up-to-date. Turn a bracelet into a ring, add precious stones, or even turn an heirloom piece into a wedding band. And if you don’t fancy changing your old pieces “it’s vintage darling!”,  but still want to responsibly invest in jewellery: Baroque is a licensed Fairtrade Fairmined Gold Jewellers so talk to us if you’re interested in investing in ethically sourced Gold.

Our Molten Collection: made entirely of upcycled Gold



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