Unearthing Niza Huang: An Interview

Cutting right to the point, Niza Huang’s jewellery is pretty amazing and has the personality and humbleness to go with it. Customers in search of festive particulars or engagement rings have instantaneously become distracted and led astray once having cast a quick glance at her collection, so it’s no surprise she has been this month’s best selling designer in store. Beyond the Baroque bubble Niza’s jewellery has collected a nice stack of press  and attention from the likes of Vogue, and the Evening Standard to name a few.

What makes Niza’s collections Under Earth and Petroleum stand out from the rest? Inspired by the mineral and natural prosperity of our planet asks us to reexamine our use of petroleum- also fittingly known as ‘ Black Gold’, as well as invites us to appreciate the natural wonders we need to protect rather than destroy.

Following this growing momentum in naturally inspired jewellery, it is without a doubt that Niza’s popularity and recognition will grow with it too. Show your love and support by checking out her website, and liking her facebook page!

Tell us a little bit about your background: Did you always live in the UK?

I moved to the UK in 2006 for my MA studies in Metalwork & Jewellery Design. After finishing my degree, I moved down to London. My first degree was in Industrial design, and I guess my jewellery must get some influence from the industrial heartland of Taipei, Taiwan where I also worked.

 What made you take a path in jewellery making?

I adore the physical feel of jewellery. It tells a person’s personality, history, emotion and memories, and these elements make jewellery come alive. The process of making jewellery come to life by adding character and realizing an idea into a 3-D wearable sculpture attracts me deeply.

 Do you have a role model?

Husam El Odeh : I love his free style of shapes with elegant elements. Pamela Love, Bjorg, Unearthen : I love the unpretentious, honest and down-to-earth feel of their jewellery. Smith/Grey : their “I can’t seem to get rid of the horses” range is interesting and impressive. 

 Tell us about your collections and the inspiration behind them?

Under Earth 12 : I always love the unmannered rough texture and forms which are created by the unpredictable, mysterious Earth.  This collection is my fascination with the mysterious depths of the Earth, and shows my respect for our natural environment. 

Petroleum 11 : This collection is a collaboration with Anna Gram’.  The whole concept is about introducing a new precious material into jewellery: Petroleum. Petroleum is considered ‘black gold’, a precious substance which literally fuels the modern world, though it also has the capacity to destroy it. 

‘Petroleum Jewellery’ asks us to think about how precious this substance is and how beautiful it can be, how it needs to be preserved, so our planet is preserved for future generations.

 Interesting jewellery making techniques used?

I have developed my own way of carving wax which has my signature style.

 What inspires you the most in everyday life?

I pay attention to details of what I see on the street. I also like to observe people and the silent corner.

 What may we expect from future collections?

I am now developing my 2013 collection at the moment, which is getting me excited.  ‘ Crush ‘ is the key word. I hope you will be inspired by the techniques used to create the forms and shapes. Different types of gemstones will be involved and the metalwork will lead to more variety of colour. 

 Your favourite place in the world?

My own little world 

 Favourite place in London?

The last tuesday society

 New Years is coming up..any resolutions?

To go on more adventures and get more people to know my jewellery. 


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