Jewellery Care

Each piece of jewellery is hand crafted and needs appropriate care to ensure lifetime enjoyment.

To keep your jewellery in great condition, here are some tips to care for your item:

  • Remove all jewellery before being exposed to chemicals of any kind, including cleaning chemicals, lotions, soaps and makeup.
  • Remove jewellery before engaging in any practical activity including, washing up, swimming, cardio, lifting weighs and yoga. Such activities can put pressure on your jewellery and cause them to warp, bend or become loose.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery while carrying heavy bags as delicate items can become damaged.
  • Remove jewellery before engaging in outdoor work or gardening, and before heavy lifting.
  • By removing your jewellery before you shower or bathe you reduce the amount of soapy products that could get stuck behind the settings of your jewellery.
  • Storing your jewellery individually in the packaging it came in or a jewellery box reduces the risk of chains getting tangled or items tarnishing.
  • Check your jewellery regularly for any wear and tear such as a loose stone setting.
  • We recommend you bring your jewellery back to us every year to be checked over.


We offer a 1 year warranty for your Baroque Bespoke Jewellery item. We will service your jewellery for free for up to 1 year of your purchase date. Some exclusions apply:

  • If you have taken your Baroque Bespoke Jewellery item to another jeweller for service, this voids our warranty.
  • Always contact us right away if your Baroque Bespoke Jewellery item becomes damaged.
  • Our warranty applies to manufacturing issues, not normal wear and tear.
  • We will resize your ring one time, without a service fee. Resize requests must be made within 3 months of order delivery. A resizing fee will apply if the request falls outside of these parameters.
  • The buyer is responsible for shipping to our shop, including customs fees for international clients. For shipping within England, we recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery which is a fully insured, tracked and signed for service.
  • Bespoke custom or personalised jewellery items are not returnable.

Cleaning your jewellery

Precious metals are soft and, over time, will scratch and finishes will wear off. This is completely normal and the speed at which this will happen will depend on how much the metal is exposed to wear. We offer a free refinishing service for our jewellery and can restore your item to the original finish.

Gold-plating wears off over time depending the jewellery item and how it is worn. This can be re-applied for a fee.

You can clean your jewellery regularly using warm water, gentle soap, and a soft toothbrush to gently clean behind stone settings. This will remove any grease or dirt and leave you jewellery sparking again.

Take care when cleaning emeralds, opals and pearls as they are porous and can not be cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaner. Find specific cleaning methods below.


Due to the brittle nature of emerald, we do not clean them in our ultrasonic cleaner.

  • At home you can clean you emerald jewellery with warm water, gentle soap and a soft toothbrush to clean behind any settings.


Opals are a soft and porous stone and can be damaged easily.

  • Avoid submerging in water and take care when wearing.
  • At home you can clean your opal jewellery with a dry or damp cloth.


  • Pearls can be cleaned using a soft cloth and a mild detergent and water solution.
  • Avoid chemicals or strong soapy cleaners and abrasive cloths. When clean, allow your pearls to air dry.
  • It is a good idea to put on pearls once make-up, perfume or creams have been applied.
  • We recommend you have your pearls restrung once a year if wearing on a regular basis.