Transcending time, diamonds are the most popular choice for our engagement rings.

Formed under high pressure and temperature from carbon billions of years ago, natural diamonds are the hardest substance known to man,  long coveted for their brilliance and beauty.

Our natural diamonds are carefully sourced from our trusted network of stone dealers who adhere to the Kimberly Process, meaning they are conflict-free.

We also love to work with lab grown diamonds, which are chemically and aesthetically the same as natural diamonds created in the earth’s mantle.

“We hand pick each diamond for each piece of jewellery we make. When choosing your diamond, we consider the 4 Cs”


The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. 1 carat = 0.2 grams. The bigger the entire diamond, the more expensive the stone is to buy per carat. Popular diamond sizes are 1/4 carat or 0.25cts, 1/2 carat 0.50ct or 3/4 carat or 0.75ct.


Our white diamonds range from colourless to slightly tinted. In our quest to source the unusual and unique, we also work with naturally coloured diamonds which range from pale to intense canary yellow, brown diamonds with tones like cinnamon, cognac and chocolate. A new and popular alternative is the salt and pepper diamond, which is white and black and renowned for their unique inclusions. More unique colours of diamond are pink, red, blue and green. Occurring naturally, these are some of the rarest and most desirable gemstones. It is possible to colour a diamond. These stones are known as treated diamonds.



Clarity describes a diamond’s purity. As a product of nature, all natural diamonds have traces of their growth history and some natural flaws or imperfections, called inclusions. We like to work with diamonds with very small or small inclusions. With salt and pepper diamonds the very opposite applies, the white and black inclusions are what makes the stone so unique. A salt and pepper’s characteristics are showcased to the maximum in a rose cut which allow the inclusions to be viewed fully through larger facets, like windows into a wondrous galaxy.


A diamond’s cut is essential to its beauty. Popular cuts are round brilliant, princess, marquee, oval, pear, emerald, heart and baguette. When a diamond is expertly cut and polished, it refracts light better and appears more sparkly.

We would always advise coming in-store to buy a diamond, rather than buying online.

We can also supply a diamond certificate to accompany your purchase, showing carat, colour, clarity and cut. Please speak to us about this at point of sale.